WUG_Reflex stole my items

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My brother jennqi trusted WUG_Reflex to help him gardening (Berries) but he timed out for a while and when he relog the items in chest dissapeared and he logged out. pls help

The items were
Dawn stone (4)

1 dusk stone

Venasaurite, Blastoisite, charizardite X

some gold blocks (~7)

Helix, dome, root, claw, cover, plume fossils

Lucky egg

Life orb

Around 34 rare candy

A master ball ( from mega blastoise)

razor fang

all the power items (2 power lenses)

focus sash

Ability capsule

3-4 Leaf stone


Do you have any screenshots or physical proof of this?

We will speak to him about it and see what we can do.