Bugged out pokemon

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I could not bring out my staraptor, so I put it into the pc to see if that would fix it, but then I couldnt pull it out, so I disconnected from the server to see if that would fix it, but that just removed the pokemon from my pc.. now its gone..


when I went to heal, it didnt show up in the healer, but it was still in my invitory.. I do not know what caused staraptor to bugg out like that.

Try looking through all of the boxes in your PC. If you don't find it, let me know.

Its not, its gone.. It was a nice one too =(

Do you have any screenshots of it?

nope.. Guess Ill screenshot all my good pokemon for now on. anyways its a bug yall should try to fix. If I had to guess, it happened by flying into water so I get off of mount, mount is still out, I warped /home from far away, pokemon is still out and when I disconnect from the server, the data on it is deleted.