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So we need to get a bigger economy and be able to sell Ruby, Diamond, Amethyst, etc.....

also make the spawn rate of trainers a little higher and make the payout of said trainers higher because right now 30 pd from a level 18 trainer doesent seem worth killing.

Thank you for reading my suggestions hope oyu consider making these changes. :D

There isn't a demand for those things from players so allowing you to sell them to the server like you can enderpearls, etc. just further floods the server with money and would encourage people to dig everywhere for money and deplete nonrenewable resources others might want to mine for. No one wants to settle in a picked over area. Trainer payouts is the same - just floods the server with too much PD without anything to balance it.

This is under discussion constantly, the ideas we need are for income to roll in from all walks of experience.  I.E. we need it to effect brand new players the most.  If you can propose something that new players have easy access to in income building, that would be perfect.