Ban Phione from server due to WT trolls

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I've found some people have been breeding phiones only for the sake of trolling users who use WT, and worse yet some people disguise this intention as 'helping beginners'. I suggest finding a way to ban phione or make it unable to have any commands used on it. That or a general rule banning the users who do that from the server. Just some suggestions, but it's entirely up to admins for that. It's for the best since people always get their hopes up when they get a legendary from WT, but trolls like this are making the experience worse.

bit much banning a player because putting a pokemon in wt don't you think?

true. maybe at the very least remove Phione's status as a legendary so it doesn't show up as one anymore?


For any beginner, A Phione would actually be really helpful for a team especially when your just playing for some fun. As for the legendary status of Phione, It is a legend either way you look at it so I don't see how removing it's legendary status would actually help the "Issue" and I agree with Tim, It is far to harsh to ban someone from throwing a Pokemon into WT. On another note, If you remove the legendary "status" what happens to a normal player who's only legend is Phione? Just some things to think about before anything could be discussed.