1v1 Corsola League

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Welcome to the 1v1 Corsola League!

I am hosting an event called the 1v1 Corsola League. In this competition all competitors will be given a lv 1 corsola from me, and will have a 1-2 hour time period to level up the given corsola to lv 50 and build it up however you want. After the time is up, even if your corsola is not lv 50 yet, all competitors will gather at Corsola Stadium for the 1v1 Corsola League to decide who made the best corsola set.


1st Place: 2K Pixelmon Points + Shiny 100% IVS Corsola + 2 Non-Legendary Shinies of Choice

2nd Place: 1K Pixelmon Points + Shiny 100% IVS Corsola + 1 Non-Legendary Shinies of Choice

3rd Place: 800 Pixelmon Points + Shiny 100% IVS Corsola

Keep watch on this topic or keep an eye on the Pixelmoncraft Discord Channel's Events for the announcement for Competition Day.

Are rare candies allowed?
Are PP allowed?
Are EV Berries allowed?
you should clarify a few things, since "build it up however you want" leaves a lot to the imagination ;)

that's the point of it. TMs, rare candies, PP ups, and EV berries are allowed. So long as your corsola does not exceed lv 50 anything goes for building it. But it HAS to be the one I give

Is this still a thing?

yes, it is. I'm having a staff member help breed corsola and I'm nearly done building the stadium