NPCs for first gym

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Hi all,

I've been away from pixelmon for a while so what I'm about to write might be inaccurate. The Suggestion involves Gymleaders. I've been playing for 3 days now and I've seen a lot of people wanting to beat the rock gym leader. In the time I've waited I have EV-trained 6 Pokemon and lvled them to lvl 20 (without training grounds cause I didn't know about them). He/she might be busy for all I know so I don't wanna sound judgy or anything.

My suggestion is this: Replace the first 3 gymleaders by NPC gymleaders. This was possible in the old Pixelmon, this way the trainers can progress through the first 3 gyms at their own pace and starting from gym 4 use the gymleaders you have (you can even put double shifts for the timezones on the next 3 so all gymleaders can stay). If you want to toughen the first 3 gyms cause NPCs are too easy you can always just pass the EV cap on their pokemon ;).

Get back to me with feedback and/or improvements

Kind Regards


I see what you're saying, however doubt we will ever shift over to NPC's for the time being. Having player leaders is one of the selling points on our server, due to the challenge they present. Hiring a new rock leader, though, might help.

Having just a few NPC gym leaders would actually be nice. I noticed some gym leaders are actually pretty rude, so it'd probably be useful for  them to replace at least the rock and water gyms with NPCs, honestly. That's a good idea.