Pokemon disappear

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So at spawn, I was fighting a boss and when I wanted to change Pokemon to shiny Metagross so he wasn't in the slots menu so I chose other pokemon and when the battle ended so I tried to send him out the Metagross and it wouldn't send him out and other Pokemons it was working to send out so I went to a PC and put Metagross in my PC  and then he disappeared

And I checked every slot in my PC.


And I tried Relogin but he wasn't in my pc or my slots menu

Can 1 of the admins help me get my Metagross back or fix somehow the problem.


Thank,s Rotem

Hey RotemSela
If you have any proof like a screenshot of you owning the pokemon you lost please send it (staff likes proof), you can send it in the support channel on discord if you find that the easiest to send.
Discord: https://discord.gg/pWajZrY

Good luck and have a nice day -ColorfullBorito