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I suggest some updates for the survival server. Myself and ogre666911 play that server and yesterday we had 10 people on. the server is getting more active people and it seems like this server is getting nothing. both of us are donators and I also buy Pokemon so there is money coming from us which should be put towards fixing up that server. as your web site says that all donations help keep the servers going but when the server is getting trashed over the last 2 years where gyms are half blown up and stuff its not fun. both of us have been trying to fix up the few gyms that are not claimed. we get notices about votepartys but we dont get anything and we get told about being about to trade Pokemon between safari server but cant. we should get something. I mean kanto get Halloween events and all. We put alot of time and bought pokemon and stuff on survival server and just dont want to move to kanto because you gave up on survival server.  BUT! I do need to note that the mod "Cake" has been the main one active in helping with issues on that server. so thank you to her! and of course thank you to lemon for getting back up the server after is crashed and died twice.....poor server.

I also want to be able to transfer pokemon to the survival server :P

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i've been playing on survival for the last 3 months and , now all of a sudden Pistons are banned?!, WHY?! what can pistons actually harm, now i cannot make blazespawner xp farm , i cannot make my autofarm for my veggies, and i cannot make any blocks move with the touch of a button? it doesnt really make sense, please let someone look into it with an ear to the players instead of just random banning stuff....

- warps cost 2000 coins for each time you warp to them, its not normal
- attacks at the guy at spawn are unpayable..
- give us the pistons back...

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Pistons works for me :)

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Ooo, fair questions, all of them. But it's currently not getting any attention compared to Kanto for a few reasons.

1. Playerbase is abysmal on Survival, not only that but several players frequent both servers, which means the primary Survival playerbase is cut even smaller.

2. We're understaffed, no seriously all the Pokehelpers aside we have way too few staff to spread thin on multi-server projects. Hence why all of the events take place on Kanto. 

3. Survival acts much more as a 'side server' than a main server to attract players. Survival (formally Johto) isn't the primary focus of management, there's still a ways to go before Kanto right now can be considered in a comfortable position. 

Currently there is little-to-no demand to host events on Survival due to the lacking number of primary players on said-server in contrast to Kanto, and even if there were as many players as regular ol' Kanto, we simply don't have enough volunteer staff who'd be able to fix up Survival.

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I just want the survival server to have the same stuff as hoenn had when it was up (  hoenn was the survival server, not johto :p ): pokeheal, ability to transfer pokemon (has been added now), and all donator stuff cuz donator is paid for (most of the donator stuff is there except the crate thingies). For me it's enough to know that it might come, not that it has to come immeadetely. I knew transferring was coming, just not when. I guess that's the point, to know what's coming or what might come or be fixed in the future, at least that's what I care about when I hope for changes. I don't like to wonder if it comes or not, if you understand what I mean :D

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A lot of the discussed things are coming to Survival.

Transfer are already opened up, the next thing will be a replacement of the economy with Kanto money.
With that there will be some changes to the sellable drops since you can farm monsters in survival for those.

Some of the donator features like pokeheal will also be brought back.

Edit: And the crates will come too however voting for Survival will be limited to a few links.
Best is to just also vote for Kanto links and collect the keys and open your crates, then money is linked and pokemon can be transferred.


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Nice , and please unban the pistons :( it takes away alot of surviving fun 

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its because there is a dupe glitch with pistons and tilll they find a way to fix it they are banned

though now we can make breeders so maybe a fix to that would be helpful too

Agreed, we need a way to be able to make ranch blocks now that pistons are banned x)

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I'd like to address the point about the "playerbase being abysmal" on Survival server.

The reason that is happening is because too many things are limited on the Survival Server. I started playing 1 month ago, and even though I really enjoyed it at first, I lost interest when I started figuring out the limitations of the server. Having so many things disabled (shrines,pistons,voter boxes came and left, pokemarts non existant, no mart in spawn, cloning machine disabled, commands not working *EVEN THE /HELP COMMAND DOESN'T WORK* and lots of other stuff) and no actual way to compensate for those deficiencies other than donating to get the bird trio or mewtwo for example. Stuff like this is what drives people away and thus the server's playerbase is "abysmal". A week after I started playing 4 friends of mine decided to join me in the survival server and they lost interest within a week DUE TO THOSE SHORTAGES.

The survival server feels forgotten, and the playerbase will not increase as long as the server doesn't improve or fix most of its issues. During the time i've been playing i've seen dozens of people starting, playing the game for a week and then never coming back, all of which complained for the same issues.

I'm not here to complain, I still like playing the server, however that is how it feels from my point of view.

Survival was orgininally a hardcore survival server where nothing was granted and you had to get everything yourself. Now since last month updates have already been pushed to survival to dumb it down to kanto style. Where items still need to be made yourself mostly but Shrines will never work due to not being fair to players and pistons have been blocked due to duping issues with the minecraft server software.

On multiple servers pistons are either blocked off, or you can dupe items there. Now what my plan is for survival is get some lobbies going where it is able to select server again since most people don't even get to see that we have a survival server. Crate keys will also be usable soon, but at first point it was not even meant to be there. Buycraft just gave people keys and people could not use them yet.

In my opinion there are not that many shortages, it's just a survival pixelmon server. I hope to get some more updates out this month.

Feel free to always leave a suggestion.

I like the survival server because it's more difficult to get items there :)
Yeah, I'd like the ability to buy tm's and some items, but the thing I miss the most is /pokeheal and the commands that are useful for the survival server (I don't want /fly, tho, it would be too easy then) :)
This is the reason why I'm not that into kanto. I like the fun of mobs and animals, having to make potions and eat, and having to work for stuff. I just wander around not knowing what to do on kanto, lol :p

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id like to know when the survival server is going to be updated like the kanto server