PSA: Pixelmon Generations "excluding servers"

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Dear PixelmonCraft members,

I'm about to write a public service announcement about pixelmon generations and why you should not use it and why server owners should switch back to reforged. The main reason for this is because they tend to accuse people from things they heard from others and decide for themselves who to exclude from their discords and or website.

As a community driven mod that is not done. Read for yourself and form your own opinion.

So as it stands now we will be basically forced to convert our Generations server to Reforged, not only just because of this situation but also because we have more faith in the original developers.

^ not the PSA, it's a conversation between me and the administrator Dysthymic there, the founder PokeNinja never replies.

Update: Magiklinx aka Momonga#1337 refuses to talk to me as well and just blocked me on discord.

thats sad to hear. i had no idea about any of this. it may be for the best if we then change to the new version. will you keep us up to date about the new server? about transfering pokemon, money, items and maybe if we keep the same server or completely have to start over.

We will most likely start a new kanto like server on reforged, but keep generations running until it dies out.

Or we can keep generations and also update the world to reforged so people who do want to switch can continue their builds on the reforged server.

its kinda double atm, i just finished a building which i would be sad about if i lose it but a new server would be cool if we can at least transfer the pokemon. since its already crowded with buildings from people who left.

maybe you can create a poll so people can vote on what they like best


what about the pokes that haven't been encoded in reforged? Just curious as to how the conversion would cross over?

Most likely we will keep the generations server as is, and build another reforged server where we will port the world to, the pokemon will not be ported but you can manually transfer them over. And once reforged implements those pokemon you can then transfer them, they'll be kept safe on the generations server.

I can't see Lemon doing any of the things he was accused of ;/


We can choose to completely convert the whole server to reforged and have the generations pokemon go into deep storage, once they come out in reforged you can then see them. Or we can only convert the world and have people manually transfer over their pokemon from generations to reforged.

You can have your say in whether we should convert with deep storage or only convert the world and have manual pokemon transfers.

With deep storage it would mean if you want to keep playing on generations you will have to move your pokemon from reforged to generations manually. But obviously with some time the generations server will be depreciated.

i have been playing reforced lately and i would like to see the server converted. i just don't want to lose my pokemons. so i think the deep storage way is the best. 

I would go with the manual transfers and maybe a new world, anyone that really wants their buildings could always ask a manager to transfer it over but I think a new world is needed.

  • I would go with keeping everything the same, except for the map .