Ginormous pokemons Glitching away. *Fix*

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Hey PixelmonCraft!,

I am Boy18000. 
i got to play on this awesome server for alot of time now!. And its been a great
experience!, however i am my friends and fellow members have had the problems of ginormous groudon/Ginormous Ultra necrozma and any other
big pokemons disapearing out of nowhere.. as i my self once owned a pixelmon server i had contact with a pixelmon reforged staff and asked when they would fix this bug.
However "Faty (Ray)" said this is not a pixelmon its self bug. Its a config setting in sponge. 
I hope lemon could fix this config setting "max-bounding-box to 0" enabling players to once again enjoy the size of the ginormous pokemon!.

[Image of the chat]