Adding Ability Capsules to the /shop

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If a Pokemon has two regular abilities, the ability capsule allows you to swap between those two. The ability capsule CANNOT be used to obtain a hidden ability or to remove one. It also fails to work if the Pokemon only has one regular ability.

As of right now, the item is not available in the /shop, and the only way to obtain one is through boss drops. May the staff please add the ability capsule to the /shop? I think the best place to put it is either the Breeding shopkeeper or the Medicine shopkeeper.

I am requesting on behalf of myself and other breeders and battlers on this server. Sometimes when we are trying breed a high IV Pokemon with a regular ability, the egg swaps to another regular ability. I know that it is also possible to lose hidden abilities while breeding, but hidden abilities are meant to be rare. Regular abilities are common in the wild so it would be nice for us breeders to be able use an item to easily swap between regular abilities.

I do not believe this item is too overpowered. While I understand that changing abilities with commands costs 25k points, I know that the reason is because you can obtain breedable hidden abilities this way. However, as I mentioned before, the ability capsule cannot give a hidden ability. It just makes swapping between regular abilities easier.

Please give me your feedback about having the ability capsule available in the /shop. Thank you very much!

I fully endorse this.  Because ability capsule is a tier 3 special drop, the server shop can mark up the price of an ability capsule with little worry of people profiting a hell of a lot from farming them.  They are incredibly difficult to farm, and are a consumable, making them even more of a beneficial money sink for the economy.


I support


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